Fashion and Beauty: Safiya Nygaard’s Rise to YouTube Fame

Fashion and beauty bloggers and vloggers are a dime a dozen in popular video-sharing platform YouTube. One can easily find a review of the latest make-up trends and products or follow a tutorial on not messing up a cat-eye look for a night out. Statistics portal Statista reported beauty videos alone generated more than 169 billion views on YouTube, with Fashion and Beauty channels growing 6x from 2014 to 2018. This has led to the platform creating a new vertical,, to organize better content from top creators, brand collaborations, and even runway live streams.

Despite the competition, Youtube personality Safiya Nygaard maintains her popularity with over a billion views on her channel and close to 9 million subscribers. Her videos go beyond mere tutorials and reviews and delve deeper into topics like creating custom lipsticks and exploring the algorithms of social media sites. She even hired portrait photographers for her conceptual photoshoot of trying out traditional wedding dresses. With a single video garnering 27 million views, let’s take a look at how Safiya Nygaard was able to propel her brand to YouTube fame.

Buzzfeed beginnings

Much like the personalities behind the Try Guys, Nygaard started her career in digital media company Buzzfeed. She was one of the founders of Ladylike, a video series bringing female producers together to try products and complete challenges like facing their biggest fashion fears. While the series was going strong, Nygaard felt her vision, and Buzzfeed’s weren’t aligned. She left the company to build her channel by creating more personal content and closer interaction with her fans. Her decision paid off in the end, with Nygaard pulling in more views and subscribers.

Down-to-earth, creative content

Video content

Nygaard is best known for her love of all things witchy and batty, which differentiates her from other beauty bloggers playing with bright over the top colors. This unique and unapologetic style is present in her videos; communicating with her fans, you don’t need to follow the latest trends to be stylish. Her sense of humor also makes her videos fun to watch as she’s not afraid to look silly or outlandish. “Questionable fashion decisions” is one of her most popular series where she tries out an all-plastic look, 9-foot-long jeans, and even a swimsuit with a hairy chest design. People’s reactions to her shenanigans are worth a watch and a chuckle.

Relationship goals

The relationship of Safiya Nygaard and Tyler Williams will have you wish you have the same bond they share. Williams has been by her side even in Buzzfeed, appearing in videos with couple-related themes. Their love and support for each other can be felt through the screen, especially when they finally tied the knot last 2019 behind a beautiful rustic scenery with light-up stars and lights hanging from the ceiling. In typical Nygaard fashion, you can follow their journey from a surprise proposal in Disneyland to an emotional moment between the couple during the ceremony. Their first dance was a recreation of the tango scene from “The Adams Family Values” movie, paying homage to the couple’s theatrical backgrounds and interests.

Safe to say, Safiya and her channel has amassed a loyal following due to her smart and unique way of developing fashion and beauty content. Her authenticity and quirks are a breath of fresh air from the usual drama of the streaming world.

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