The Fusion of Hospitality and Art Industries

Arts have long been a part of people’s lives. It used to be for aesthetic purposes alone. But, the art industry has grown into so much more through the years. For one, the hotel industry found many benefits with incorporating arts in their trade. Here are some ways that the hospitality and arts industries work well together.

Enhances the Ambiance

The first evident use of arts in a hotel is to draw attention from people. Excellent picture framing and strategic placement will bring life to common areas. Instead of empty walls that depict dullness, a hotel owner can bring color in.

The choice of art pieces can catch people’s attention. This works either from passersby or from people browsing online. Passersby searching for chance bookings may look twice upon seeing beautiful arts. In the same way, a hotel’s website can feature the areas with beautiful arts to get the interest of clients.

Improves the Brand

Art pieces are not only placed in common guest areas. Hotel owners and managers may also decide to put them in individual rooms. Some even extend the use of arts in individual bathrooms. This strategy speaks well of a hotel’s reputation. Clients see such hotels as exuding elegance, class, and luxury.

The use of arts can also promote relaxation with the clients. As such, they will most likely make a repeat booking if they revisit the area. A careful selection of art pieces serves as a simple yet powerful marketing strategy.

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Promotes the Local Area

Incorporating arts in a hotel can be a lucrative tie-up with local artists. The hotel does not have to look far for pieces that they can display. Rather, they can start by supporting artists within the area. This will serve as an engaging platform for the said artists to be known in their craft.

The hotel can have a deal with local talents to provide the establishment with artworks. The hotel can set-up a gallery to showcase these works of art. They can even have themes they can follow. It will be an aesthetic treat for guests who do not need to go out of the hotel to go to museums.

Develops Employees’ Engagement

Arts have a way to spark productivity and creativity in people. What may seem like an unnoticed display in some hotel areas can do wonders for its employees. These works of art can inspire and motivate them to do better in their tasks.

Pieces of arts can also serve as catalysts for excellent ideas. Thus, displaying artworks can promote innovation in the hotel industry. Being in this line of work is exhausting. With a steady stream of clients going in and out, exposure to arts can also relax the employees.

Enriches the Clients’ Experience

Most hotel guests nowadays are looking for an experiential stay in hotels. They look at hotels as more than a place to spend the night on. As such, some hotel owners find a brilliant way to use arts to add more value to their clients’ stay.

Some hotels offer art sessions where guests can unleash their inner artists. It does not matter what level of artistry they have. This serves as a way for them to relax. They can even take home their works as a souvenir.

Arts have transcended the surface value of beauty. It serves many purposes for a hotel. It can be a spot-on marketing strategy, a productivity booster, and a source of rich experience.

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