Marketing to Gen Z: How to Make Your Website Appealing

Whether you’re making a website for a business or simply for your non-profit organization, you need to attract audiences. They can be a target demographic, especially when your organization is age-focused. But how can you entice a younger audience when creating a website?

Creating a website for a specific population isn’t an easy task. You have to consider a lot of things. The creator should know all the stuff their target audience will most likely be interested in. If you hit the spot, you’ll surely have the capability of growing your website.

When you want to focus on a demographic, you need to consider one group of audience. They are Generation Z. Also known as Zoomers, Gen Z-ers were born from 1997 onward. They are the superstars of the internet today and for the years to come. In fact, 58% of Gen Z can’t go more than 4 hours without Internet access before they become uncomfortable. That’s according to a study cited in Businesswire.

This generation is being projected as the most internet-dependent. That’s why you need to put the focus on them. But how are you going to make your website more appealing to these potential clients? Check out some tips below.


You might think that people won’t care much about a website’s design. Think again. The younger generation has become more aware of what comfort is. That’s why you have to focus on a design that resonates with the Gen Z-ers.

They want a website that’s not cluttered—one that will load fast and devoid of unnecessary information. This generation has lived where everything is swift. You would want your website to give information as quickly as it can. Meanwhile, if you target this young generation, your site must have a striking design. With all these short clips and songs nowadays, people’s attention span has shortened too. That’s why it’s good if you can have a web design that can instantly catch your audience’s attention.

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Visual Content

Your website should have remarkable visual elements. It’s the key to make your target audience spend time scanning your site.

One thing you can do is put interesting infographics. Make your young audience understand your content by displaying informative ones. Don’t just focus on their designs. Keep in mind that the information you’re providing should be easily digestible. You can also try interactive graphics for your audience to play with. It’s going to increase the level of engagement your site can offer to its audience.

Lastly, you can hire explainer video production services to create videos that summarize essential information your site visitors should know. The Gen Z-ers will surely get hooked on your website’s exceptional user interface.


Activism is one thing this generation is for. Gen Z-ers have somehow made it a point to patronize brands that are socially aware. There are specific issues Z-ers are most concerned about. These include diversity, climate change, gender equality, and more. They’re pretty much about things that need to be fixed for the benefit of the next generation.

If your brand or organization is addressing critical social issues, you should put that on your website. Include it as one of your company’s missions. Put weight and sincerity into your cause so that it won’t appear performative. This can also give Gen Z-ers a perception that you are amplifying their voices. If you’re able to deliver the message properly, the younger generations will find your website more engaging.


As we all know, most people have smartphones. They use these devices primarily for accessing the internet. A lot of Gen Z-ers online use their mobile phones for web browsing and social media utilization. That’s why it’s also essential that your website has a mobile-friendly design. It’s your gateway to the younger generation and the most used means of communication to them. The previously mentioned tips won’t be as valuable if you design your website for desktop browsing.

Focus on designing a website that’s easy to interact with using mobile phones. A whole variety of web hosting platforms can help you customize designs suitable for mobile phones. They can offer you plug-ins that assure easy customization of your mobile site design. Check these fantastic tools out and study them. Help your website gain traction from this generation of mobile phone users.

Capturing the attention of Gen Z-ers might not be easy, which is why you need to work hard on your website’s design. Meet the demands of this most marketable generation by designing a site that caters to them.

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