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12 Tips for Overcoming a Creative Block

When your chosen stress reliever is to create art, it can feel like the rug has been pulled out from under you when you’re struggling with a creative block. This can be frustrating and overwhelming, but it’s important to remember that creative blocks happen to everyone, and they’re not a reason to give up. So, here are 12 tips for overcoming a creative block:

Tip #1: Brainstorm new ideas

Start by brainstorming new ideas and then narrow them down based on your interests and what you have time for. If you’re feeling stuck, try thinking outside the box and brainstorming ideas utterly different from what you usually do. This can help jump-start your creativity and get you out of your rut.

Tip #2: Take inspiration from other sources

You can take inspiration from other sources — read books, watch movies or TV shows, go for walks in nature, etc. What matters is that you find something that sparks your creativity and helps you develop new ideas. For instance, if you’re fond of a particular watercolor artist, try studying their work and techniques to see how you can incorporate them into your artwork.

Tip #3: Experiment with different mediums

If you typically write, try painting or vice versa. Trying out new mediums can help jump-start your creativity. It’s also an excellent way to find new mediums that you enjoy working with. The beauty of being creative is that you’re not limited to just one thing — so experiment and have fun with it!

Tip #4: Use prompts

There are tons of creative prompts online or in books that can help give you ideas for what to create. You could even use the things around you as prompts — for example, if you’re at a park, take a picture of something and use that as the inspiration for your next piece.

overcoming creative block

Tip #5: Set some structure

If you’re having trouble getting started, try setting some structure for your project. This can help you focus and have a starting point. For instance, if you’re writing, decide on a word limit or a certain number of pages that you want to write. If you’re painting, decide on a color scheme or a particular subject that you want to paint.

Tip #6: Take breaks

When you feel like you’ve been staring at a blank page or canvas for hours, it can be helpful to take a break. Go for a walk, take a nap, or do something completely unrelated to your project. This can help clear your mind and give you a fresh perspective when you return to your work.

Tip #7: Work with someone else

Collaborating with someone else can be a great way to overcome a creative block. You can bounce ideas off of each other and develop something extraordinary, such as a song, poem, painting, etc. So, don’t be afraid to reach out to someone and ask them to collaborate with you!

Tip #8: Set deadlines

If you’re struggling to motivate yourself, try setting deadlines for your projects. This can help you push yourself to finish them on time. But don’t make it so rigid that you feel overwhelmed — give yourself some wiggle room if something comes up. After all, you don’t need another source of pressure!

Tip #9: Take care of yourself

When you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed, it can be tough to focus on your work. Make sure to take care of yourself both mentally and physically. This can help you feel better and be more productive when you sit down to work on your project. Start by getting enough sleep, eating healthy, and exercising regularly.

Tip #10: Don’t compare yourself to others

Comparing yourself to others is a recipe for disaster. Everyone works differently and at their own pace, so focus on your work and don’t worry about what others are doing. This will help you stay creative and avoid burnout.

Tip #11: Be patient with yourself

Creative blocks can be frustrating, but it’s essential to be patient with yourself. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your project won’t be either. Give yourself time to work through the block, and don’t be too hard on yourself. Even if you have days (or weeks) where you feel like you’re not making any progress, keep going, and you’ll break through eventually.

Tip #12: Forget about it

Sometimes the best way to overcome a creative block is to forget about it. Stop worrying and stressing about it and let it go. This can be easier said than done, but it’s essential to relax and not put so much pressure on yourself. Who knows? Maybe the break will help you revive your burning passion for your art.

Hopefully, these tips will help you overcome your next creative block! Remember, everyone experiences them, and they’re nothing to be ashamed of. Take a deep breath and try one of these tips next time you’re feeling stuck.

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