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Finding That Spark: Where to Look for Creative Inspiration

For people working in design, creativity is an essential part of the job. You can’t come up with something original without it. But the problem is that it can be difficult to get new ideas and inspiration. There are times when it doesn’t come as easily. Fortunately, others in the creative field have faced the same issue before. Here are some tips on what they did to get over the obstacle in their creativity.

Look at Other Works

There is nothing better for inspiration than other work. Depending on what you are looking for, various media types out there can help jump-start your ideas. For example, visual artists have a wealth of sources to look at. Some artists feel inspired when they look at the various works. Filmmakers are notorious for this.

Art lovers can point out moments in popular films that took direct inspiration from classic pieces of art. Martin Scorsese’s films have a touch of the Italian master Caravaggio’s look to them. Doing something similar for your work, whether written, visual, or musical, can get you started in the right direction.

Think About Poetry

Poetry may seem like it is beyond most people, but it can be a great way to articulate emotions into words. For writers, this can be what they need to get started. It is surprisingly simple to start writing poems. All that is needed is to have a few writing prompts. The internet can be a big help with this.

For example, A great site showcases some of Robert Brazell’s poetry and accepts submissions of poetry from contributors. While that is one example, dozens of other sites showcase poetry prompts from various sources. There are even random prompt generators that can surprise anyone.

Go on a Walk


Stepping away from your work desk and going on a walk can be enough to spark a few things inside your head. Research shows that an outdoor walk can be incredible in jogging the creative engine into working conditions. Don’t simply go for a few minutes and come back to your desk. For excellent results, it should be a long walk. An hour of walking may seem too long, but it will expose you to various things.

Start a Routine

For those who have been struggling for some time with their creativity, then it might come down to the routine you are following. Many of the original ideas that people come up with are thanks to them being in the right mindset. This is what a routine can help with. For example, when your mind becomes used to the idea of writing at a certain time of day, then your mind reacts to that. The ideas will then come to you at that particular setting and timing.

Connect Ideas

According to Steve Jobs, creativity can sometimes be about seeing the connections between two ideas. This is even more important when you are thinking about completely different things. For example, you can come up with a simple writing prompt based on this concept. Have random ideas written on cards and draw two of them to come up with what you should try to connect. Imagine how you can connect eating lunch with climate change. The ideas can be very different, but the act of connecting them will be a challenge enough for your mind.

Seek Collaboration

While the idea of solo artists is a dominant image, creativity in the workplace doesn’t need that kind of isolation. When you are in a team at work, then use all the resources available to you. Sit down with the others and talk about what you want to work on. If you don’t have any ideas, start bouncing around a few concepts. It can be fascinating how learning the perspective of others can allow you to come up with fresh new ideas.

For example, a great technique for getting a group session going is to have the team imagine how a famous public figure would solve a problem. This fun though experiment can get things started, and you can move on from there.

The challenge with being creative is that it can be easy to fall into a rut. It can be difficult to get out of it, but there are solutions. The advice above is just a few ideas on how to get the creative juices flowing again. Many more are out there, and creative people should look for ways that work for them. People shouldn’t just wait for inspiration to strike but do their best to cultivate their creative energies to get the best results.

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