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Great Side-Hustles That Won’t Take Up Too Much of Your Time

We all live busy lives. There is no doubt about that. However, the single job we have usually can’t pay the bills, especially if we have other hobbies such as traveling planned in our lives. This pushes us to get a side hustle, something we can earn on the side.

There is a growing trend in the US involving the number of jobs each American has. It’s estimated that 7.8% of Americans have more than one job, a recent spike from 6.8% in 1996. This increase is attributed to Americans’ growing needs and wants and inflation.

So if your expenses are increasing, and you’re looking for a side-hustle that can fit your busy lifestyle, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some great side-hustle meant for busy people.


We’ll start with two side-hustle that require a bit of creativity and an artistic nature on your part. The first of which will be a photographer.

Photographers are in dire need in today’s marketing world. There are even more who are in demand of product photographers. These photographers specialize in making certain products shine in the limelight. However, many companies aren’t willing to hire a full-time photographer. It’s too costly to pay them, and the benefits that come alongside full-time workers are just an expense they can’t have. So they hire freelancers instead, and that freelancer can be you.

Depending on your expertise, being a photographer can net you around $100 to $500 per shoot. The more experienced you are, the more the company will pay you. Take a tip from us and build your portfolio. Start taking pictures and post them in your Instagram account to get recognized immediately.

Arts and Crafts

The next side-hustle that requires a bit of creativity is arts and crafts. Arts and crafts is a hobby that people can make tons of money from, especially once they start selling it digitally. The best part is that you don’t need the experience to make handmade products. There are tons of guides on the internet that’ll help you create your product.

Interestingly enough, a new form of arts and crafts is coming from the internet. These come in the form of Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs). These NFTs are hot right now, and there are tons of people investing in them. However, the market is very volatile and controlled by invisible trends. But if you’re artistic enough or maybe creative enough to make your own trend, then your NFTs will sell like hotcakes.

Now let’s get into a more practical side-hustle. That might be a bit boring to do and require more of your time, but it can still fit in any schedule. The first on the list is dropshipping.

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Dropshipping is a lucrative business model that people have started due to the pandemic. Essentially, you’re a middleman between manufacturers and buyers, and you’re crucial to the manufacturer’s business if they don’t want to invest in marketing.

There is no precise average when it comes to how much dropshippers can earn, but if you dominate a niche market, it’s likely you can earn thousands of dollars in this side-hustle. Once you’re well-established, you can even drop your day job and do this side-hustle instead.


Ride-sharing is one of the best side-hustles that exist right now. It’s convenient and easy to do once you have a vehicle. The main thing that people do is that they would ride-share after they finish work, and do it for about two hours. Some might even do it as a carpool, dropping some of their fellow workmates home along the way.

There are many ways to do ride-sharing, and it’s up to how you design it. The estimated average that ride-sharers can earn is around $60,000. However, that’s full-time work, so as a side-hustle, it’s safe to say that you can earn between $5,000 to $10,000 doing this side-hustle.


Lastly, we have online tutoring. Online tutoring is booming right now because the market is expanding due to the pandemic. Almost all learning is being done through the internet. So if you excel in a particular subject or have some artistic knowledge you want to teach people, then this side-hustle is for you. Also, if you’re fluent in one or two languages, you can choose to teach people that too.

There is no clear average of how many online tutors can earn within a month. But because of how lucrative it is right now, you won’t have problems finding a client.

Side-hustles are important right now if you want to earn enough money to buy the things you want. If you’re busy, you’ll still have enough time for the side hustles on this list.

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